Simon Says...

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Unique book benefits

Why do children need books that make them laugh?

*Tired of hearing how bored your kids are? Take the guesswork out of your next activity! Create some fun with silly jokes to the rescue!

Help children love to read by reading something truly funny. They will learn to associate reading with fun instead of dread and boredom

Reading something funny is great for bookworms but also the disengaged reader because it builds motivation and comprehension

Help children create an imaginary world of escape while they engage in a book that helps provide comedic relief

Mental health experts agree that laughing decreases stress hormones

Humor is the love language of children. They are masters at communicating through humor. It is comforting. Wanna chat with them about something serious? Start out with humor to get their attention

Enjoy rich and colorful photos on every single page

Learn secret joke formula to help create your own silly jokes and heal others through the gift of a smile

This was too "punny" jokes were cute and definitely put a smile on my daughter's face and mine too..


The pictures were my favorite. They were colorful and funny.


I like the pictures and tips you added to help me create my own jokes! I ended up using them to tell a silly stories too. Fun to do while at home bored.


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Ready to beat the boredom blues with this children's joke book?

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